Mariana Echeverría suffers a hard blow again: she lost the baby she was expecting

Mariana Echeverria


Mariana Echeverría asked God a lot, she placed her faith in him and did not give up, she tried and tried until she finally succeeded and a few days ago she was celebrating the expectation of her second child with the soccer player Óscar Jiménez.

However, the presenter once again faces the ordeal of losing a baby. On July 11, she announced that she was pregnant. This July 30, she confirmed the worst.

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“We imagined and took for granted a life by your side and now we have a life without you. We imagine you taking care of yourself and guiding you but the plan went backwards again, you take care of us and guide us, ”she wrote on Instagram.

“Life continues to put us through very strong tests but each one of them gives us greater resilience. Today we have a reason to recover and get ahead as soon as possible; It’s called Lucca. With all our love, we ask for your respect in this process, which has not been easy for us.”

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In exclusive interview with TVyNovelas a few weeks agoLucca’s mother shared that she never lost hope of becoming a mother for the second time, not even after living the painful experience of losing the baby she was expecting a few months ago, which was in the sixth week of pregnancy.

“The truth is that it was very sad, every month I said: ‘I hope this is (the good one)’; Everyone told me that the less pressure I put on myself, the better, but in the end, that’s how we women who want to be mothers live, we are always waiting for the month to come to take the test, so yes, my (grieving) process was painful, but I knew how to take it and turn the page, because it was not the end of the world and I did not stop trying. I always thought: ‘if God wants to send it to me, fine…’”.


Mariana Echeverría is expecting her second baby.

Mariana Echeverría confessed that, if her pregnancy did not occur, she had contemplated the idea of ​​resorting, perhaps, to technology to be able to conceive it, she had given herself a year’s time, and then, together with her husband, they would make a decision.

The driver has already frozen her eggs: “Yes, I froze them, because I’m not at such an easy age for reproduction either, but I always left it to God, let him decide.”