Mariana Seoane’s boyfriend starred in a lawsuit that ended in a shooting

A night out turned into a night of terror after Gibran Jiménez, boyfriend of Mariana Seoane, He starred in a fight that ended in a shootout between bodyguards.

Mariana Seoane shared images on her Instagram stories of the evening she enjoyed with her boyfriend, with whom she resumed her romance a month ago.

According to the journalist Carlos Jiménez, Mariana’s boyfriend fought with an Englishman in Polanco, so his bodyguards intervened and shot each other; all were arrested.

The couple just resumed their relationship, after they broke up in June after 3 years, in which they also had breakups. This is how the actress confessed, also admitting that she was attending therapy to overcome the situation:

“I went back to being single again, I’ll tell you, but without doing any tabloid issue or roll of that, it was three years where we had ended on some occasions, but never because of an external issue, never because of something negative,” said Seoane last June.

Upon returning to him, Mariana shared: “I love you my Gibran. I choose you every day. Thank you for so much love and so much learning.”