Mariana Soeane recovers her voice and thanks God

Mariana Seoane is recovering from the surgery she underwent and is being kept at the hospital. The singer and actress has not revealed the disease that she has in bed.

Seoane reappeared in a video posted on her social media account showing a healing in her throat.

“Thank you all for so many expressions of affection; I feel super happy, grateful to God but also to the hands that made this possible: to the people who take care of me, to my family, to you and to all my colleagues who make me feel so pampered and so loved, I bless you and thank you for being present”.

Two days ago, Mariana posted a message to explain her state of health: “Thanks to all of you for your expressions of affection and good wishes. BLESSED GOD, everything went well!! Thank you with all my heart! Lots of learning from passing by x this process (I’ll tell you as soon as I can speak)”.

Now that she’s finally got her voice back, she decided to record a video for a new thank you.

“In these moments one values ​​who are the true friends and who are the people who, even if they don’t see you, love you.”

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