Marilyn Manson is accused of imprisoning women

Marilyn Manson, accused of sexual abuse, allegedly locked women in a soundproof room as punishment

Marilyn Manson, The rock idol accused of sexual abuse had such obsessive control over the women he dated that he locked them in a soundproof room, according to an explosive new report. Rolling Stone’s nine-month investigation found that the rocker allegedly turned his West Hollywood apartment music studio into a torture chamber called “Bad Girls Room “, where he “banished” his girlfriends and punished them for hours on the “smallest perceived transgressions.”

Manson’s former assistant Ashley Walters who is suing him for sexual assault, stated that the singer always joked and bragged about the “torture room.” However, Marilyn Manson‘s friends deny the rape allegations against the singer.

Marilyn Manson, now 52, ​​allegedly confirmed the existence of the room himself, stating in a 2012 magazine interview, “If someone is bad, I can lock him up and he’s soundproofed.” Manson’s ex-girlfriend, Ashley Morgan Smithline, who accused the rocker of raping and abusing her during their two-year on-off relationship, claimed that she was one of the women forced to stay inside the room.