Marimar Vega, daughter of Gonzalo Vega, turns 40 grateful and wanting to get pregnant

Marimar Vega turned 40 this August 14 surrounded by her family, friends and with new plans on the horizon.


Marimar Vega, daughter of Gonzalo Vega, celebrated her birthday with a spectacular party in which she was accompanied by her relatives and several Mexican celebrities.

Marimar Vega She turned 40 this August 14 surrounded by her family, friends and with new plans on the horizon, including a possible maternity, which she would achieve by thawing her eggs. In addition to opening the door to her love with Jerónimo Rodríguez, the actress was able to explore a new facet in the world of podcasts with “El Rincón de los Errores”, a project that has given her much satisfaction.

In the midst of this good news, Gonzalo Vega’s daughter celebrated her birthday over the weekend with an incredible partywhere he was attended by his family and, of course, figures from the world of entertainment.

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On the occasion of his birthday, in the “This is me” section of the print edition of TVyNovelas, Marimar Vega gave us some interesting curiosities about her life, including the difficult moment she went through after losing a baby and her marriage to the cinematographer Jerónimo Rodríguez.


went through social networks that both the actress and the guests shared details of this spectacular celebration that featured fun, music and, of course, the presence of Zuria Vega, Marimar’s sister.

In a short video that she uploaded to her Instagram stories, the emotional actress is heard saying as she walks with her husband to a place decorated with blue and pink balloons: “Today is my birthday party, let’s go! Right, my love?”

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Among the guests at the spectacular celebration were Macarena Achaga, Juanpa Zurita, Adriana Louvier, Mauricio Garza, Marcela Guirado and Fabiola Guajardo, who spent a night of pure fun, where the candy table could not be missing. As a curiosity, They couldn’t bear the temptation and they all watched the final of “The House of Famous Mexico” together. Well, they all declared themselves fans of the popular reality show that ended this Sunday.


Jerónimo Rodríguez, husband of Marimar Vega, He dedicated a moving message to the actress through his Instagram: “Let all the candles in the universe light up on this cake that all of us who love you bring. May that light illuminate your path as you illuminate ours, may it be just as warm and protective as your hands, as your love. We celebrate not only your birthday, but your life: complete and imperfect, full of passion and dedication, of absolute beauty”, he reads in the post.

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For his part, Marimar’s brothers: Zuria and Gonzalo, also did not miss the opportunity to congratulate her: “Happy life my sister! I know that you fulfill them very happy and full. I love you,” Zuria wrote, while Gonzalo posted another image with the message: “I will always celebrate your life, carnalita. I love you”.