Marimar Vega tells her ex Horacio Pancheri her things for having offended Samadhi Zendejas

Marimar Vega and Horacio Pancheri ended their relationship very badly.

A few months ago, Marimar Vega confessed that she had a toxic relationship with Horacio Pancheri, with whom she broke up in 2021, their romance lasting only two years.

“It was a very toxic relationship, which I would never want to have again. And I do believe that today I have such a beautiful relationship that when you go back you say ‘yes you can be at peace, that is, yes you can not be in conflict all the time, not always,'” the actress declared at the time.


Marimar Vega called the romance she had with Horacio Pancheri “toxic.”

Now, Marimar Vega She gave her opinion to the press about the insults her ex-boyfriend made her online, Horacio Pancheri, to Samadhi Zendejas, calling her ugly and? The Argentine actor has not apologized to hersaying that his Instagram account was hacked.

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