Mario Carrillo ran to direct the Tricolor and “any team in the world”

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(Video: Courtesy ESPN)

Mario Carrillo placeholder image now serves as a sports analyst in ESPN. He also has the credential as technical director, because in 2005 he won the Eagles of America by the hand of Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Pavel Pardo, Claudio Louse Lopez, among others.

The strategist, after the performances of the Mexican team in the qualifying matches of the Concacaf heading to Qatar 2022, He said he was prepared to be in command of the national team and any team in the world: “Yon de Luisa, the president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, knows me perfectlyThey were my managers in America. I have two world cups. I am ready to lead any team in the world. I have 18 championships since I started directing, eight as an assistant and three as first technician ”.

It should be remembered that Cheek accompanied Manuel Lapuente for the World Cup in France 1998. As well as the world South Africa in 2010 with Javier Aguirre. The Capelo, as they know him in the football world, has directed the azulcremas, Puebla, Cruz Azul, Tigres and the Pumas of the University.

Mario Carrillo was as an assistant to the Mexican National Team in 1998 and 2010 (Photo: Twitter @ MARIOCARRILLOY2 / Instagram @ miseleccionmx)

Carrillo, was questioned by Álvaro Morales and asked if it was time to lead the Tricolor: “I went to Europe for four years. I went to see Bielsa, Guardiola and I paid my tickets to see the best coaches in the world. In Mexican soccer I did quite well. I could direct from the Expansion League to the one you tell me, because thanks to ESPN I broadcast the leagues of the world and I see the coaches out there and I feel ready to lead any team”.

In his record, two titles stand out with the whole of the Nest: The Clausura 2005 and the Champion of Champions of the same year.

The Sorcerer Morales attacked the Argentine coach Gerardo Martino, who is responsible for the soccer management of the Mexican National Team. In the same way, he assured that Carrillo would do better than him. Tata: “Here we have a Mexican coach ready. You would do better than him Tata Martino Why are we looking outside for what we have in here? Now, if you have the Mexican team, you would have to meet us.

Mario Carrillo and Hugo Sánchez (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Mario Carrillo and Hugo Sánchez were champions in 2005 of the MX League with América and Pumas, respectively (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The Tri lost their last two meetings before the selections of United States and Canada, respectively. At the moment he was left with 14 units after having played eight games. Ahead, the USA they added fifteen points and Canada 16.

In this regard, the Capello He also gave his opinion on the subject. In pictures it was possible to observe how the players prior to the match against the Canadians threw snowballs at each other as a form of play: “Yesterday I saw the Mexican team with snowballs and the truth seemed to me that the team was not psyched. I may be exaggerating, but as a footballer they taught me that before a game you have to have a “knife between your teeth”, ”said the Mexican coach.

So he will have to win the majority of points from the next six games he will have, where five of them will be in Mexican territory. The next matches for the Aztecs will be at the end of January against the Raggae boyz in Jamaica and against Costa Rica and Panama in case

Home duels will have to be played behind closed doors, as the FIFA sanctioned the FMF and the selection with a two-party veto for failing to eradicate the homophobic scream in matches against Canada at the Azteca Stadium.


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