Marisol del Olmo boasts the success of her son Patricio as a film and TV actor

On screen is Lucrecia Lombardo, the most hated villain of the moment; she does everything possible to make Marcia (Aracely Arámbula) suffer in the telenovela La madrastra. In real life, Marisol del Olmo is a proud mother who raises a future heartthrob of cinema and soap operas: her youngest son, Patricio, 12 years old, the result of her relationship with the Spanish actor Ruben Zamora.

She hasn’t taken any acting classes yet, but “Pato” has already made her debut on the small screen with De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero. He also did the same in the cinema, starring in a film alongside Adriana Louvier and Arath de la Torre. The actress could not be more proud, who received us at the Televisa forum where she recorded the success of Carmen Armendáriz, being her, once again, the villain of the story.


What does your son tell you when he sees his mother doing bad things on television? It amuses me a lot, because he sees any strong scene, turns to see me and asks me to control myself; He has very funny expressions and asks me not to be like that with others. I also like my children to see that part of me, what can happen to them if they don’t behave well (laughs).

Do your friends at school say something to you? Of course! Patricio loves to tell them the story; he will definitely be an adult actor; That is why he enjoys the world in which his parents live so much.

Are you formally preparing? Not as much as a formal preparation, it has a lot of intuition; He takes theater classes at school, but obviously I’m focused on finishing basic studies, at least completing high school so that he can dedicate himself to a career with all irons. Even so, he has this sensitive fiber in his blood that he has already done his castings; She acted in a movie with Adriana Louvier and Arath de la Torre, called Dos plus dos. She also did behind closed doors, and right now she is going to film another one. She comes with the whole child! I feel that it is very easy for her to play, and from there, invent her characters. That is what we actors should never forget, that everything is a game.

Did this taste for acting come from seeing you and Rubén on set? Of course! And also to her sister Isabella of her; she studies acting in New York and listens to her sing, watches movies with her, they exchange comments and opinions… her environment is pure art.

You, as an actress, know the negative side of a career, does it scare you? Of course. It scares me that he doesn’t take it seriously, it scares me that he doesn’t want to be the best actor, that he doesn’t prepare, that he doesn’t break his whole life for taking this as his passion and as a real job. That is what I fear. For the rest, I trust a lot in the bases that we have given him at home. He is a great boy and he will know how to choose his path.

Patricio Rubén Zamora’s father is a 46-year-old Spanish actor who moved to Mexico in 2002 to strengthen his career. He is known for his portrayal of the investigator Gabriel Medina in the series Los Simuladores and also for the telenovelas Pasión and Rafaela. Although in the past he had problems with Marisol for Patricio’s child support, today their relationship has improved and the friction has dissipated for the good of his son.

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