Married at first sight, the new TV Azteca reality show that will air in primetime

‘Married at first sight’ will hit the screens.

After the little acceptance that the program had ‘Love in the air’conducted by Luz Elena Gonzalezwill soon hit the screens ‘Married at first sight’the new reality show Aztec TV.

The television station of the Ajusco prepares the premiere of his new reality show, ‘Married at first sight’which will be led by Patty Manterola and Mauricio Bercelataand which refers us to the successful program that was ‘falling in love’conducted by Carmen Munoz.


What is it about?

In ‘Married at First Sight’, the science of love will be put to the test, where various specialists, from psychologists, sociologists and astrologers, will look for 9 couples to make a ‘perfect match’. The couples will know each other until their wedding day.

This format has been a television phenomenon in more than 30 countries and is coming to Latin America for the first time.

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Married at first sight, the new TV Azteca reality show that will air in prime time



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When it premieres?

Its premiere will be on September 17 in prime time (prime time or family time) at 8:00 p.m.; There will be 14 episodes and it will be broadcast on Sundays.

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