Marta Guzmán says her things to Ernesto Chavana and leaves the live program: This is disrespectful

Tempers heated up in the ‘Gossip’.

The controversial host Ernesto Chavana entered the forum of the ‘Chismorreo’ program without a prior invitation.

Everything happened in yesterday’s broadcast of the program ‘Gossip’when the driver Ernesto Chavanaentered, without prior invitation, the forum, where said program of multimedia to confront drivers: Fabian Lavalle, Yvonne Chavez, Stephen Macias and martha guzman.

The controversial presenter Chavanafrom said television network and who lives in Monterrey, traveled to CDMX and went to ‘Chismorreo’, to claim that they always talk about other competing programs and not those of their television station.

This caused a lot of discomfort in Marta Guzmán, so she stood up from her place, told her things to Ernesto Chavana and left the forum.

“I come in like this out of nowhere and he is interrupting us, we have a lot of information that is going to be left out, and he comes to complain. I am not going to allow it, this is a lack of respect for this program and this channel. Production, I am not going to allow this lack of respect”.

The comments of the Internet users did not wait, criticizing the driver: “Chavana’s program is very bad”; “Put Chavana in his place”; “This gentleman is a misogynist.”