Martha Debayle’s immortal tutorial to celebrate Thanksgiving ‘a la Debayle’

Although Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Mexico, the influence of American culture inevitably influences some people to take advantage of the occasion to enjoy with their family, like Martha Debayle.

This has been shown in her content for social networks, where the presenter has kept since 2019 an immortal tutorial to decorate a perfect table for Thanksgiving, in English, as she likes to speak.


This Thanksgiving celebration dates back to 1621, when Plymouth settlers and Wampanoag Indians living in what is now Massachusetts shared a fall harvest festival, recognized as one of the earliest celebrations. Thanksgiving in the North American colonies.

Until 1863, in the midst of the civil war, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving day to be celebrated every November.

In her YouTube video, Martha Debayle shared that without a lot of budget, but with a lot of inspiration, you can decorate a table for Thanksgiving for either lunch or dinner.

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