Martha Higareda and Diego Boneta are ready for dinner

Pizza? Tacos? Chinese Food? Martha Higareda and Diego Boneta are ready for dinner and we will tell you what they are going to order:

Your food is literally at your fingertips as stars of the new edition of “Tonight, I’m going to dinner,” the Uber Eats campaign that took social media by storm a few weeks ago.

We recently told you about the origin of this advertising campaign that has featured the talent of Naomi Watts, Kim Kardashian, Rafael Nadal, Ruby Rose and Boy George. Now, the stars of Altered Carbon and Luis Miguel: The series, join the second stage of “Tonight, I’m going to have dinner.” These entertainment icons will help Uber Eats stay in diners’ minds when they have to answer the question we ask ourselves every day: What am I going to have for dinner?

Both Higareda and Boneta make themselves comfortable in their respective armchairs to reflect the tranquility of being at home. Such are the afternoons when you really don’t want to cook. And you don’t have to. Uber Eats has options for all tastes, budgets and times of the day. In its catalog there are more than 25 thousand restaurants and more than 2 million dishes (1 million of them cost less than $ 99) distributed throughout 49 Mexican cities.

To make matters worse, the delivery app makes an effort to help the planet. One of its new options allows you the option of not ordering plastic cutlery with your meal.

Now that you know what Diego Boneta and Martha Higareda will have for dinner, you too ask yourself: What am I going to have for dinner tonight?