Martha Higareda drives her boyfriend crazy with this photo in a bikini

Martha Higareda unleashed a wave of praise after posting to his Instagram account a photograph in which she poses in a bikini, among the comments of her fans, there is one that attracts attention: that of your partner Lewis Howes, former football player and ex-boyfriend Yanet Garcia “The weather girl.”

In the snapshot, The 38-year-old actress shows off her curves in a blue bikini, and among the compliments she received is that of Howes, who, along with several heart emoticons, writes: beautifully.

Higareda and Howes have already shared several photos together on their networks, in them They can be seen together, hugging and enjoying special moments, such as the setting of the Christmas tree.

But their relationship did not start on the right foot, because at the beginning the couple received a lot of criticism, especially the actress, who was accused of “turning down the boyfriend” to Yanet García, and although he has always kept his personal life private, this time Martha decided to clarify what happened.

During the talk show from Yordi Rosado on YouTube, Martha remembered the first moment she learned of Howes’ existence and it was thanks to an interview that the American conducted with Joe Dispenza.

“I am a very follower of Joe Dispenza. But this guy caught my attention, I went to his Instagram and saw that he had a girlfriend, and I am very respectful of that … “, he said.

During the conversation with Yordi, he made it clear that he did nothing to cause a rift between Lewis and “the weather girl“She also assured that Lewis was the one who looked for her, but at first she ignored him until he realized that he no longer had a girlfriend.

“I saw that he was no longer with anyone and then I answered him, because, well, I’m like that …and I was in Tulum and he was in Playa del Carmen, so he sent me a message on Instagram to invite me to dance salsa and I was in classes at that time, “he shared.

Since then Higareda gave love a chance again, after his failed marriage with the American actor Cory Brusseau, with whom she married “very much in love”, but everything changed when the talks began to start a family.

“Many things that have to do with values, very basic about how to raise children, we do not coincide and I came to find out until the honeymoon, there was Donall these conversations began … We do not agree on lifestyle and especially on certain values, “he said.

Their marriage only lasted a year and a half and after that experience The actress of “Amar te hules”, decided to freeze her eggs, because in the future she wants to become a mother.

“I want to have children and I am going to begin to feel that I have this biological clock that is going to be pressing me because I grew up with a super big family and nothing else excites me in life, of course I am excited to make movies, but I really want to be mom.

“I went to the doctor to freeze my eggs and I think it is important that many women do that so that you take off that pressure and so that when you go out to look for your partner you are not looking for the father of your children,” he commented.

After this decision, she can be seen happy and enjoying time with her new partner, with whom she is very much in love..