Martín Vaca, from Mexicánicos, reappears on networks amid speculation about his health

Martín Vaca crashed into a tree on December 3.


Martin Vacathe renowned host of the television program Mexicansreassured his fans after he crashed into a tree at an event in Hidalgo.

Vaca, who is recognized by thousands of motorsports fans as a true pioneer in car modification and restorationparticipated in a show last December 3 that did not go well afterThe driver suffered an accident while flying an ultralight: At the time of landing, Martín lost control and It hit a tree.

So much the charismatic presenter as three other people were injuredand there were many people who expressed their concern through social networksthat was why Vaca decided to use his Instagram account to send a reassuring message to his followers.


The organizers of the event in Hidalgo had confirmed that both Martin Vaca like the others affected they were out of danger; However, the driver and his two children, Isabel and Felipe, they had remained hermetic in this issue.

However, two days after the accident, Martin Vaca He uploaded a photograph to his Instagram stories that was interpreted by his followers as a message that the presenter was fine, although still recovering. In his story, Martín Vaca shared a photograph that user Juan Carlos Calva Pacheco shared before the accident.


On the other hand, Isabel Vaca, Martín’s daughter, recently uploaded a post to her Instagram promoting an event that will take place on December 10 in Querétaro.

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A post shared by Isabel Vaca (@isabel.vaca11)

These publications reinforced the theories of several fans of Martín Vaca, who considered that The accident did not leave serious consequences for the presenter.

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