Martinoli and Dr. García swept TUDN for rating in Canada vs Mexico

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The game between Canada vs. Mexico It was the last duel of the Concacaf Octagonal At the end of the current year, this party also represented the last opportunity for Mexican television stations to reinforce their supremacy in the preference of the public.

Competition between Aztec TV and TUDN It is not something new, because whenever the Tri, both companies seek to obtain the highest rating score. Again the chroniclers Christian martinoli, Luis Garcia, Jorge Campos and Luis Roberto Alves Zague they got the highest score on broadcast television.

They rampaged again and “demolished” the transmission of Paco Villa, Enrique Dog Bermudez, Francisco Kikin Fonseca and its new element, Rafa Marquez. According to a publication by David Medrano, a sports journalist, he shared the figures that the analysis of the platform showed Ibope.

Canadian players celebrate after scoring the second goal with which they beat Mexico in the Concacaf tie (Photo: <a class=USA TODAY / Walter Tychnowicz)” height=”396″ src=”” width=”800″ />
Canadian players celebrate after scoring the second goal with which they beat Mexico in the Concacaf tie (Photo: USA TODAY / Walter Tychnowicz)

Through a publication on Twitter, Medrano Félix stated that there was a total rating of the game Canada vs Mexico on open television of 15.7 points, of which 8.9 were from the chain of Aztec Sports and 6.8 for the company of Televisa.

With a difference of 2.1 points, the transmission of those of Ajusco was superior to that of Chapultepec. And it is that each time both channels share the transmission rights, they usually compete to preserve the largest number of audience in their narrations.

Although TUDN is premiering Rafa Márquez as its new commentator and sports analyst, it has not been enough to compete with the style of the Martinoli – García duo. It should be noted that the sporadic comments by Jorge Campos have been liked by the public, since the Immortal He doesn’t usually speak much into the microphones, but every time he does, he lets out a funny phrase.

Rating TV Azteca vs TUDN in Mexico vs Canada
The TV Azteca vs TUDN rating in Mexico vs Canada, according to David Medrano (Photo: Twitter / @ medranoazteca)

The Martinoli narration it is always related to jokes directed to Zague, the Doctor Garcia or to Brody, Well, as former professional footballers they lend themselves to the chronicler to make comic references. In fact, his way of combining jokes with what happens in the game is not to everyone’s liking.

In 2018 Antonio de Valdés, better known as Tone by Valdés, described as “clowns“To the chroniclers of Aztec TV. The comment was said on a live program prior to the 2018 World Cup in Russia and clarified that his style “throws more at the antics.”

This comment reached the ears of Martinoli and made fun of him at that time televised sports by the qualifier. In a broadcast, the Toluca fan told Luis García: “Laugh. You see that later they call us clowns. Even those who don’t kill a fly call us clowns ”.

Paco Villa - Commentator
Once Paco Villa revealed that the rating data “accommodates” the preference of each company (Photo: Twitter / @ Paco_Villa_)

That clash between television stations caused controversy among fans of Mexican soccer. It should be remembered that the lawsuits between channels are not recent, since the rivalry of Aztec Sports It arose when José Ramón Fernández was the director of the sports section at Ajusco.

But after leaving the company some things changed. The competition was no longer as strenuous as before, but they did maintain a certain distance with Televisa. In different narratives, Martinoli has openly mocked the work of TUDN.

In contrast, once Paco Villa revealed that rating data “accommodates” them to preference of each company. In an interview with Toño de Valdés for his channel Youtube explained how numbers work and that he is not affected by rivalry with Aztec TV, since they recognized their creativity and level to compete professionally.


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