Marvel at San Luis Gonzaga Bay in Baja California

Virgin nature and space to relax

Despite its little development, it has an interesting history, since this bay was recorded by Fernando Consag, a Jesuit missionary who founded several missions throughout this area of ​​Baja California.

It is considered one of the most beautiful in Baja California, since it offers the beauty of a desert landscape where serenity and rocky cliffs surround you, it is a place where you can enjoy nature in all its splendor.

At low tide, the bay splits in two, as a sand bar divides two peaceful bays. There is no nearby town and on its shores there is only a small hotel, some houses and some mobile homes.

In addition, exactly between Puertecitos and this bay, the Enchanted Islands are located, within which El Huerfanito stands out, which is completely covered with guano, so its whiteness in combination with the sun’s rays is very attractive.

Activities and places:

• Explore nearby natural paradises
• Enjoy the nature
• Enjoy various water sports
• Be amazed by the whale sharks
• Discover cave paintings
• Visit the nearby towns