Marvel at the Magic Town of Zozocolco de Hidalgo in Veracruz

Syncretism of the Catholic faith and pre-Hispanic beliefs

The town is crossed by the waters of the Tehuantepec River and streams of the Tocolutla River and is made up of green undulating hills.

This is a place where you can learn more about the Totonac culture.

Its colonial architecture contrasts with the emerald green that prevails throughout the landscape of Zozocolco.

Its zigzagging streets are narrow and cobbled.

San Miguel Arcángel is the patron saint of the town and for whom the most important festival is celebrated in the last days of September. This is a festival with dances and music that represent the mixture of the Catholic faith and pre-Hispanic beliefs. There are dances, music, the dance of quetzals, blacks, voladores, bullfighting processions and much more.

Another party that is worth enjoying in this Magical Town is the Cantoya Balloon Festival, which is held in November. On this festivity, colorful Chinese paper balloons with original designs adorn the skies of Zozocolco.

Activities and places:
• Parish of San Miguel
• Viewpoint of the Curato
• Enjoy its beautiful natural landscapes
• Discover a strange landscape
• Enjoy an ecotourism center