Marvel at the magical town of Jerez de García Salinas in Zacatecas

Beautiful quarry architecture and happy tambora music

Its name comes from an Arabic word that means “place where grasslands abound” and it is located in a fertile agricultural valley and is framed by the natural beauty of the Sierra de Cardos. Jerez was founded in the 16th century, and in addition to preserving its colonial flavor intact.

The oldest festival in Zacatecas, dating from 1824, is held in Jerez: the Spring Fair, which begins on Glory Saturday and lasts for a week.

The other important celebration takes place in the month of September, in honor of the Virgen de la Soledad, patron saint of the town. Jerez is the cradle of the well-known “tamborazo”, and the ideal place to savor the famous wedding roast, made with pork loin that is fried and cooked in a sauce of red ancho chili peppers.

The climate in Jerez is temperate to cool throughout the year.

Activities and places:

• Main Square or Rafael Páez Garden
• Main Square or Rafael Páez Garden
• Portals
• Tower Building
• City Hall
• Sanctuary of Our Lady of Solitude
• Parish of the Immaculate Conception
• Hinojosa Theater
• Ramón López Velarde House Interactive Museum
• Archaeological Zone of La Quemada
• Enjoy the Sierra de Cardos