Marvel at the magical town of Xico in Veracruz

Picturesque town of incredible natural landscapes and rich gastronomy

This beautiful town is located at the foot of the Cofre de Perote, and was founded in pre-Hispanic times, of Totonac lineage and Toltec heritage.
The town has a rather cold and humid climate and is surrounded by incredible natural landscapes that include rivers, waterfalls and mountains. All these elements are very conducive to coffee plantations, which is why there are several coffee farms that dot the greenery of Xico.
The atmosphere is very traditional and it can be seen that they have insisted on keeping all their uses and customs, including the old recipes for making mole, wood-fired bread or the liquor known as “morita” that is made from wild blackberries and the green herbal liqueur
Its craftsmanship is extraordinary: objects made of coffee wood, indigenous masks and the manufacture of figurines from corn leaves.
Activities and places:
• Old Royal Street
• Plaza de los Portales
• Temple of Santa María Magdalena
• Tío Piolín square
• Totomoxtle Museum
• Museum of the Dress of Santa María Magdalena
• Coffee farms
• Llanito Chapel
• Xico Viejo
• Stroll in a place that will transport you to the past