Mary Boquitas discovers Sergio Andrade’s infidelity with Gloria Trevi for a peculiar detail

Mary Boquitas had a feeling that Sergio Andrade was unfaithful to her

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Mary Boquitas discovered Sergio Andrade’s infidelity with Gloria Trevi, due to a detail in the bedroom where the music producer slept

Sergio Andrade and Maria Raquenel Portillobetter known as Mary Boquitas, they were married on November 8, 1985 in an intimate ceremony that took place in a house in the Magdalena Contreras neighborhood, owned by the producer, as revealed by Mary in her ‘Shut your mouth’ podcast.

After signing the marriage certificate, the couple stayed to live in that property, where they also lived Justina Sánchez Márquez, mother of Sergio Andradewho witnessed his son’s mistreatment of his daughter-in-law, but preferred not to interfere in his marriage, according to the story of Mary Boquitas.

As the days went by and after the end of Boquitas Pintadas, the musical group where Mary and Gloria Trevi met, Sergio’s wife realized that her marriage it was not two, but three.

Mary Boquitas discovers Sergio Andrade’s infidelity with Gloria Trevi

“One day, sweeping the floor I found knots of Gloria’s hair around the bed (from the main room), my friend used to tie knots in her long hair and twist until she ripped them off, it was a habit she had when she was self-absorbed or worried. I picked up those locks and continued cleaning the bedroom full of doubts; I didn’t want to think badly, I wanted to believe in love and friendshipso I continued with my homework, trying to ignore what was already obvious,” he recalled. Mary Boquitas about how he discovered the Sergio’s infidelity with Gloria.

“One night something woke me up, it was Gloria who had just crossed the interior patio that separated our bedroom (where Mary and Gloria slept on a bunk) from Sergio’s. In the dim light we exchanged glances at her and I saw her smile in a different way, that’s when I understood what had just happened, my doubts dissipated, which I will never know is when exactly that relationship began, even more clandestine than mine.”, revealed the singer.

Sergio Andrade and Gloria Trevi

Sergio Andrade fell in love with Gloria Trevi when he was the husband of Mary Boquitas

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Sergio Andrade makes Mary Boquitas believe that she was to blame for the infidelity

“Gloria, like me, never left home and would never leave my life or Sergio’s life. After that night scene, I steeled myself and asked Sergio, I needed to hear what I already knew to be true: ‘Sergio, please, I’m sorry, I found strands of Gloria’s hair in your bedroom and I wanted to ask if you’re with her,’ I told her with a trembling voice,” recalled Mary Boquitas.

“’And you, who thought she was your friend, right?’, she replied with the most mocking smile. ‘That’s what you get for not obeying me, I asked you not to ever tell anyone about us and you told her, so look how your betrayal turned out,’ Ok, thank you, yes, sorry, I asked her with the little courage I had left, “added the singer after confirming her husband’s infidelity with Gloria Trevi.

Finally, “I only beg you something, Don’t treat him like me… Don’t hit him like I do. ‘You don’t have to tell me what I should do, better dedicate yourself to doing what you have to do, otherwise you already know how it goes. In the end, Gloria, the independent and rebellious girl, had also fallen into the master’s net and this was going to complicate things much more, for her and for me, because now hell would be shared, although in very different ways,” he concluded. the also actress.

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