Mary Boquitas remembers the ritual with which Sergio Andrade ‘baptized’ Ana Dalay: ‘I wanted to play at being God’

The bioseries “They are me” has renewed public interest in the case of Gloria Trevi and the statements of “Mary Boquitas.”


With the premiere of the successful bioseries of Gloria Trevi, “They are me”, little by little viewers are learning more aspects of the so-called “Trevi-Andrade Clan”, including one of its most gruesome themes: the birth and death of the little girl. Ana Dalay.

It was a month of October, but in 1999 (that is, they are about to turn 24 years old), that the little girl Ana Dalay, daughter of Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade, died when she was just a few weeks old. This is one of the most emblematic mysteries in the singer’s life, because until now It is not known where the baby’s remains are.

María Raquenel Portillo, “Mary Boquitas”, has been a key figure in the case, as she was identified for her alleged responsibility in this event; However, until now no clarity has been obtained on the matter because the victims of Sergio Andrade They have given their own version of events, and each one is different.

Recently, “Mary Boquitas” broke the silence in a recent episode of her podcast “En Boca Cerrada” and talked about the thorny case of Ana Dalay: how the baby’s birth was experienced, some things related to the girl’s death and until a strange baptism ceremony presided over by Sergio Andrade himself.

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First, “Mary Boquitas” recounted the day she arrived home with a newborn Ana Dalay amidst the joy of her companions and, of course, Sergio Andrade: “Glory “He came home with the smallest and most precious baby in the world in his arms (…) she was healthy and strong,” he said.

“Gloria came home with the smallest and most precious baby in the world in her arms.”

All the women who lived at that time with Sergio Andrade, assured María Raquenel, They were very excited with the arrival of the little girl. and they did not miss the opportunity to ask permission to hug the baby; However, it was in those days that the Karina Yapor scandal broke out.

“I saw Gloria cooing at her baby, I had never seen her so happy.”Raquenel Portillo recalled in her story: “I slept in the other apartment with most of the girls and babies, and during the day I went to the main apartment where Sergio always stayed with Gloria.”

However, “Mary Boquitas” continued, forming a family with Gloria Trevi It did not stop Sergio Andrade from wanting to continue controlling the group of girls: “The apartment was his longed-for island, where he was the center of everything, the absolute king. (…) He wanted to play the high priest, he wanted to play God and he showed it to us in a strange ceremony”.


Raquenel Portillo referred to this when narrating, below, an improvised baptism ceremony for little Ana Dalay where she was the godmother; Sergio Andrade made this decision because the Catholic Church refused to grant the sacrament due to the lack of official documents.

“In less than a minute and a half, Ana Dalay was baptized according to Sergio’s words”

It was like this that, according to “Mary Boquitas”, all the girls who were part of the clan They gathered holy water in a bucket and formed a circle around Gloria Trevi and Ana Dalay:

“He put his two hands together with his thumbs like a pistol, closed his eyes and told us solemnly: ‘As I am the most innocent soul here, I am going to officiate the ceremony’. In less than a minute and a half, Ana Dalay was baptized according to Sergio’s words,” Raquenel Portillo recalled.

Perhaps the case of Ana Dalay will never be resolved satisfactorily; However, this and other testimonies show us what she was like. life with Sergio Andrade and the extreme control to which he had his victims subjected.