Maryfer Centeno analyzes Natalia Améstica, confessed murderer of Canserbero

The Canserbero crime occurred on January 20, 2015 in Maracay, Venezuela.


The case of Canserbero’s death has been reopened… What is behind Natalia Améstica’s chilling confession? Maryfer Centeno has left us speechless.

After knowing that Natalia Améstica, former manager of Tirone José González Orama, better known as Canserberoconfessed to be the person responsible for the crime of the rapper and her then husband, the musician and bassist, Carlos Molnarputting them Alpram (anxiolytic medication that causes a tranquilizing effect and drowsiness) in a jar of tea and then murdering them with several stab wounds, and counting how he manipulated the crime scene with the help of his brother to make the authorities believe that Canserbero had ended the life of musician Carlos Molnar and then committed suicide by jumping from a tenth floor, Maryfer Centeno analyzed the statements made by Améstica through a video that came to light.

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For the renowned graphologist, “there are things that jump out at her, from the point of view of body language, because this is not a spontaneous video, it is clear that when she is handcuffed, someone asks her to make this video with all the intention.”

This is the face of a person who is totally dejected, devastated. The tone of voice is very low and shows submission. Generally a person who does this would do it out of revenge, they would not feel regret.. The mouth looks like a plate, showing tension, stress.”

“He shows his teeth, there is anger, he starts rubbing his hands. She is a woman who looks dejected. It seems to me that many things are being hidden and that there are still many secrets to be attack of anger, but it is a face of fear and generally when a person who dares to do this wants recognition and would also have a defensive attitude, it is very atypicalI am not certain that he is innocent, this statement simply needs to be investigated further… It seems to me that it does not correspond to what he is saying, it seems to me that there is still a lot to investigate, it is a scary facewhich is understandable, but generally when a person who commits a murder shows a certain degree of satisfaction and this woman is terrified, stressed”, he concluded.

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