Maryfer Centeno analyzes Paola Suárez’s fiancé after the terrible beating he gave to the influencer

Maryfer Centeno analyzes Paola Suárez’s fiancé.


Paolita Suárez is in serious condition in a public hospital as a result of the injuries caused by her future husband.

YesterdayPaola S.uárez, was emergency hospitalized due to the brutal beating that her fiancé gave her, José de Jesús Castro Gómezto so just a few hours after he asked her to marry him.

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Paola Suárez on the verge of losing her eye and with two broken ribs after a ruthless beating by her fiancé

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Maryfer Centeno analyzed the statements and body language of the boyfriend of the member of ‘Las Perdidas’, where He defends himself in a video giving his version of how things really happened and not as he told them Wendy Guevara and as her own says Paola Suárez that he gave her the fierce beating that left her two ribs broken and about to lose an eye.

“Terrible, regrettable, not at all concerned about his girlfriend, indifference, at times he has a mocking attitudethere are no concrete answers, it seems that is disconnected from reality. Surely what we will see will be a degree of tentativeness.”


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The body language expert highlighted that Jesús Castro’s swollen hand will be a key part of the expert investigations.

“I want you to see how the hand is completely swollen, this person who somehow has the right and the presumption of innocence… It seems terrible to me to show this indifference, this so damaged hand is surely going to be part of the expert tests that are carried out, it is something that harms this person”.


The hand of #paolitasuarez’s #boyfriend #bodylanguage

♬ original sound – Maryfer Centeno

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