Maryfer Centeno attacks Dani Flow after her controversial statements about feminism

Dani Flow in recent days has been involved in a lot of controversy and Maryfer Centeno appeared to analyze it.


The recognized graphologist and expert in non-verbal language, Maryfer Centenohas expressed his opinion on the recent statements of Dani Flowthe popular Mexa reggaeton singer. Dani Flow has been at the center of controversy due to her comments on feminism and her support for youtuber Rixwho was pointed out sexual abuse.

Maryfer Centeno talks about the Dani Flow controversy

In a video posted on his social networks, Centeno analyzed Dani Flow’s statements and expressed his disagreement with his words. “But what did you expect from Dani Flow? Are we really surprised by Dani Flow? Not me. The character that we have seen, the songs that he sings and that he performs are totally in that sense,” said Centeno.

@maryfercentenom What did you expect from #daniflow? ♬ original sound – Maryfer Centeno

Rye He also mentioned that the attitudes of Dani Flow They should not surprise anyone, since the young singer has distinguished himself by irreverence in each of his songs. “He is consistent with the character we have seen. It seems to me that someone expected a different perspective, given that his songs have that irreverence. He is provocative. “It shouldn’t surprise us much either,” he continued.

Finally, Centeno stated that Dani Flow He is only there to please his followers and give them what they like. “We may not agree with what he says, but what did we expect. His followers somehow like this and he is there to please his followers,” he concluded.

Centeno’s words have resonated on social networks, where many users have expressed their agreement with his comments. Meanwhile, Dani Flow has yet to respond to Centeno’s criticism.

Are Dani Flow’s apologies unnecessary? This is what Maryfer Centeno said

After all the controversy generated by Dani Flowthe graphologist published a video on her social networks where talk about apologies that the singer performed Mexican reggaeton

Maryfer Centeno He said that the video that Dani uploaded to his networks where he “apologizes” was really unnecessary and he began to give his point of view.

@maryfercentenom #unnecessary #apologies from #daniflow ♬ original sound – Maryfer Centeno

The Apologies from Dani Flow appeared because they also began to criticize him for a phrase that referred to pedophiliaGiven this, the Irapuatense singer has decided to come out and show his face to talk about the situation.

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