Matías Gruener introduces us to his girlfriend and wants his mother, Susana Zabaleta, to find love too

Matías Gruener is very happy, not only professionally where his career continues to advance, but also on a personal love level, since he is having a new girlfriend: “I am excited to officially introduce you to my girlfriend, Sofía; I am very happy, we have been together for almost four months, we met in a pandemic and I conquered it when we met again at a party ”.

Having an artistic vein has not meant that opportunities come to Matías on a silver tray, even though he is the son of producer Daniel Gruener, since he has had to work to get them, but he is already beginning to see the fruits of his effort: “I had together with my manager, Rosy Pérez, and a group of songwriters and music producers, and there are several singles coming at the end of the year, a 12-song album; I am very happy because Heroes, a film I filmed with Ricardo Arnaiz, is also being released in September. I have been doing castings, writing, composing and very attached to music”.

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Matías Gruener introduces us to his girlfriend and wants his mother, Susana Zabaleta, to find love too



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If someone is driving Matías’ career, it is his mother, Susana Zabaleta, who is currently working a lot: “My mother and my sister are in The Vagina Monologues, very happy, they gave them two more shows; In addition, my mother had a performance of Dos locas de remate in Monterrey, in addition to the fact that she is preparing her concert at the Lunario ”.

He would like to share the happiness that Matías radiates on a romantic level, since he really wants his mother to find a sentimental partner soon: “I don’t know when my mom is going to have a boyfriend, those are her things, she doesn’t tell me But I already want to see her with a boyfriend, it would be nice to all go out together, because my sister is also flirting.

Regarding his mother’s participation in the staging in which she plays a vagina and its complexities, Matías assures that although it is uncomfortable for him to listen to these songs, he feels very proud of what his mother and sister, Elizabetha, achieve in scene: “The Vagina Monologues is a great show, it was very nice to see the two of them on stage, a little uncomfortable for me, because I kept thinking: ‘why do I have to be listening to this kind of stuff?’ , but other than that very well; I think it is a production that touches, outside of comedy, quite important topics that women sadly do not comment on, and the fact that my mother and my sister are telling them, I think they are doing their bit”.

About the possible duet of his mother and the singer Featherweight in Lunario, Matías is happy and does not rule out the possibility of joining them: “Of course, it made me laugh when my mother asked me how she would sound with Featherweight; I always support her and I told her: ‘if you want, go’… If people want that to happen it would be very nice, and even more so with my mother’s voice in conjunction with PP, it would turn out very well, she is someone I admire a lot I think he is one of the few people in the music industry who doesn’t care what people talk about him; He is not only an icon in music, he is also very particular in his style and way of thinking, and many people have decided to accept themselves as they are thanks to him ”.