Mau and Ricky reveal what will happen when their father is missing

No matter how much they live in the United States or that their wives are Colombian and Argentine, Mau and Ricky have their Venezuelan accent intact, making it clear that if they are not willing to lose something, it is their identity. The musicians, sons of the singer Ricardo Montaner, have made Mexico their second homeland and part of the success they have achieved in their career is due to the connection they achieve with the Aztec public.

This 2022 cannot be closed in a better way, in addition to launching a reality show and releasing singles that occupy the first places of preference, the young people sang during the closing of the Tennis Fest, a sporting event in which the Spanish Rafael Nadal faced the Norwegian Casper Ruud, achieving one of the many dreams that float through their heads.

“It is a blessing, a beauty, it is without a doubt one of those moments in which one’s friends begin to appear and congratulate you for being singing with Rafa Nadal, and that is very nice because obviously he is a legend, he is one of the greatest of all time. So we value having been, even a little bit, associated with something that has to do with him because he has always shown, not only that he is a tennis great, but that he is a great guy”, says Ricky, the eldest of the duet.

According to the 32-year-old artist, born in Caracas, the presentation on Thursday, December 1 at the Monumental Plaza de Toros México “is one of the biggest concerts we have done here, we have never presented ourselves in this way, it is a historic event and we had to be at the level, that’s why we brought all the toys”.


Mau confesses that his father, interpreter of hits like La cima del cielo, I will miss him and So in love, is beyond happiness, because “every time someone in the family experiences something beautiful, we are all very moved and this It was a night that marked our lives for the better.” The youngest of the brothers admits that “this has been one of the most beautiful years of our lives, both mine and Ricky’s, he got married, I just had a baby, so it’s been a very eventful year, it’s a year in the one that we have experienced a lot on a personal level, but it has also left us professional achievements, we released the song Llorar y llorar with Carín León, and seeing how he was able to connect with people was also very beautiful ”.

Succeeding in the music industry has been the great desire of the Montaner brothers, but success has not come overnight, as Ricky says: “We have been dreaming of this for as long as we can remember, we dreamed of being able to having a relationship with the public in this way, we dreamed of it since we were children, so we were always 100 percent focused on our goal, it was our priority, perhaps people may think that we took a little time, but that is part of God’s testimony It is like an example for people who want to dedicate themselves to this dream”.


For them, being the son of a living legend like Ricardo Montaner was never a guarantee that they would have the same luck, they knew they had to work very hard. “Even having the connections, that pod does not assure you anything, it can take you 13 years to get your songs to connect with the public, as it happened to us or it can happen to you like our brother Manuel Turizo, that the first song that he wrote hit and made history. So I think that this is simply a sign that everyone’s path is different and that God has a plan for each one. It turned out this way for us, but we have the experience of these years in which we suffered it to say that what we have now we have fought for and we have earned it by hand ”, confesses Ricky.

Over time they could face a thousand obstacles, but they never thought of giving up.

“It never crossed our minds, maybe what we did was find a way to stay in the music doing something else, but it was never in our mind to throw in the towel because music was always our only option. And when the writing we did for other artists started to work, that gave us a bit of relief because we knew that our songs did connect with people, and that it was only a matter of time,” says Mau.

Leaving his father’s last name high and building a legacy based on talent and perseverance are part of his mission in this career.

“I don’t even think about the moment my dad is gone, but the legacy will always be humility, respect and love for my family,” says Ricky, while Mau reveals that what they are looking for is to be more alike Ricardo Montaner, making him feel proud of each step they take.

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