Mauricio Mancera was also fired from “Members on the Air”

The driver shared in an interview how it was the first time he faced such a process.

After the departure of Jorge “Burro” Van Rankin from the famous night program “Miembros al aire” was announced, Internet users recalled that it was not the first time that abrupt dismissals were made in said production.

Mauricio Mancera himself spoke about how he found out that he had been fired from the program without much explanation.

Mauricio Mancera and ‘Burro’ Van Rankin were together during the 2021 edition, the date on which Mancera’s contract expired and was not renewed to continue participating.

With all the scandal that occurred after the departure of Jorge ‘Burro’ Van Ranking from the program ‘Miembros al aire’, it was also remembered when the same host Mauricio Mancera commented on his dismissal from the same production.

According to his own statements, the driver realized that he would not be called for one more broadcast of ‘Members on the air’ after they “delayed” the signing of his new contract.

} “In members I did not resign, it is the first time in fact that I have been fired, I already saw it coming, they spoke to me one day to go sign and the others were not postponed.”