Mauricio Martínez triumphs on Broadway and for Broadway

In the vibrant setting of broadwaywhere the lights shine brightly and talent is the currency, Mauricio Martínez reinvents himself by winning back hearts.

The name of the Mexican actor always sounds in the hallways of the New York theatersand his performance in the ’54 Below’ captivated for two dates, October 5 and 6, with full houses, there was also recorded the first live album of Mauricio Martínez which will be just a taste of everything he has done on Broadway to be heard around the world.

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Mauricio Martínez triumphs on Broadway and for Broadway

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Martínez, rooted in Mexico and the United States, has had unwavering determination and innate talent, and exclusively for TV and novels He told us how he has transcended borders and cultural barriers to become a true sensation in the world. Big Apple.

“I am excited to return to ’54 Below’ with this project, ‘5’11, Based in NYC’, I had two luxury guests: Alexis Michelle, from ‘Drag Race’, and Linedy Genao, actress from ‘Bad Cinderella’… The live album that we recorded in the presentations comes out for Christmas. I am very excited”.


In addition, the actor highlighted being one of the darlings of the audience: “I feel very honored by the public’s taste, it was a very personal show, where I took a tour of the best male characters on Broadway and the most emblematic works that I performed and others. more than I would like to interpret.”

His ability to connect with the audience has left an indelible mark on the New York theater scene and now with his new album he will bring all that passion to Mexican ears that have not yet been able to see him on Broadway.