Max Verstappen praises Checo Pérez for his outstanding performance at the Abu Dhabi GP

Checo Pérez was vital for Verstappen to achieve the Formula 1 world title (Photos: Twitter @ SChecoperez // Reuters)

The culmination of Sergio perez in this season of Formula 1 it couldn’t be better. The performance of the Mexican driver in the last race of the championship and an epic defense against Lewis hamilton allowed his teammate of the team, Max verstappen, will rise with the world title. Before the feat, the Dutchman did not keep anything and praised the man from Guadalajara.

“Czech is a legend”, was the statement by Verstappen after confirming himself as the reigning monarch of the 2021 season of Formula 1 and positioning Red bull above Mercedes for the first time in recent years.

The decisive moment was lived in the last laps of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix when Czech he found himself ahead of Hamilton in the first place of the race and with Verstappen forced to enter the pits to close the competition in the best possible way. In that period, the Mercedes driver had a difference of almost 10 seconds over Max, however, thanks to the Mexican, this difference was reduced to practically nothing.

Czech Pérez Verstappen
The hug between Pérez and Verstappen reflects what happened throughout the circuit season (Photo: Twitter @SChecoPerez)

Pérez blocked any attempt by Lewis to pass. that will practically assure you the title. Mercedes asked Hamilton to be careful not to damage the car and not jeopardize the fight for first place.

The feat of Czech It became gigantic if you take into account that by that point in the race his car already had various problems that made it even more difficult to defend the position against his rival from Mercedes. His tires were on the brink of collapse and his engine was in the last, but with everything and adversity, the man from Guadalajara managed to give life to the World Cup and leave the definition until the last moment.

The Mexican showed all his potential by making a perfect lap, without quarrels where Hamilton could escape. The DRS ended up making the mission impossible for Pérez and he had to let the British pass but already with the difference between him and Verstappen diminished to practically a second.

With the conditions of your car about to collapse, Sergio had to abandon the race and forget about a possible podium in the last race of the campaign. All for Max to have one last chance to compete for the world championship head-to-head against Lewis.

The engine was at the limit of thunder and we didn’t want the Safety Car; the main thing was to win the championship for Max Verstappen ”, said the Aztec pilot after what happened at the Yas Marina circuit.

F1 Czech Pérez
The support of Checo’s car served to delay Hamilton and give life to the drivers’ world championship (Photo: @ redbullracing)

Verstappen was crowned thanks to a spectacular passing maneuver against Hamilton on the last lap of the career. The Dutchman managed to position himself as the world driver’s champion in Formula 1 for the first time in his career. Much of this triumph happened due to what was done by Checo Pérez and the support he gave to his teammate throughout the season.

Minutes after the end of the race and with the competitors out of the cars, Verstappen got into a warm hug with Pérez thanking him for his performance and kicking off the celebration for the entire Red Bull team.

Very happy for everything, for Max and for my team! In the end we were able to support and make a difference in the result. A shame not being able to finish the race with another podium in the bag, but happy with the season. Thank you for all your support during this intense season! ”Was what the man from Guadalajara said in his official social media accounts after the championship obtained.


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