Mayela Laguna vs. Luis Enrique Guzmán: the scandals of the most controversial couple of the Pinal dynasty

Luis Enrique Guzmán and Mayela Laguna fell in love on Facebook

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Mayela Laguna and Luis Enrique Guzman They formed one of the stable couples of the Pinal dynasty, until various speculations began to emerge that questioned the reputation of each one in front of viewers and users of social networks.

Although Mayela has said that they met on Facebook and that they fell in love the first day they saw each other in person, the truth is that not everything was rosy during their relationship and today they are starring in one of the most delicate situations for their youngest son.

For this reason, in TV and novels we make a count ofThe scandals of the most controversial couple of the Pinal dynastyled by actress Silvia Pinal, who has witnessed the good and bad times around her family.

The scandals of Mayela Laguna and Luis Enrique Guzmán

Mayela Laguna tried to take her own life

When Mayela Lagoon and Luis Enrique Guzmán were dating, she hid the fact that she was in debt and about to go to jail. Given her despair for not being able to pay her debts, tried to take his own life swallowing more than 200 pills, luckily her twin brother arrived on time and took her to the hospital.

Mayela revealed in an interview that after being rescued, He spent some time in the Fray Bernardino Psychiatric Hospital and even preferred to be there than to be imprisoned. She finally repented and managed to avoid a 16-year sentence.

Mayela Laguna, accused of alleged fraud

It was recently revealed that Mayela was arrested in 2014 for allegedly defrauding 60 producers with more than 1.5 million pesos in recording equipment.

Mayela left her word, promissory notes, voter ID, notebooks with her signature and even videos as guarantees, such as the one that was released on the Gustavo Adolfo Infante program ‘De Primera Mano’.

Back then, Laguna was detained; however, she was released from it because there was no flagrante delicto and sufficient evidence to link her.

Mayela Laguna, allegedly raped by Luis Enrique Guzmán

Through leaked audio, it was revealed that Luis Enrique Guzmán had allegedly raped Mayela Laguna during the pregnancy of their joint child.

Mayela admitted that the leaked audios in which she spoke ill of her ex-partner and the Pinal dynasty were the product of anger and assured that the family had always been good to her, including the renowned actress Silvia Pinal.

Luis Enrique Guzmán would orchestrate robberies inside the house of Doña Silvia Pinal

A few months ago, a compromising audio was leaked where, allegedly, Mayela Laguna spoke of a heist perpetuated together with Luis Enrique Guzmán inside the house of Silvia Pinal.

Gold jewelry valued at millions of pesos and luxurious works of art would have been stolen from the home of the leading actress, producer and mother of Luis Enrique.

"I am not interested in my mother

Luis Enrique, accused of alleged robbery of his own mother

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Luis Enrique Guzmán doubts his paternity with Mayela Laguna

Last month, Luis Enrique Guzman revealed in a statement that the little boy, who was believed to have procreated with Mayela Laguna, not his biological son.

Mayela did not remain silent and replied that the DNA test it was done without his consent, so he doubted the result. It is known that the Pinal family is very affected by this situation and don Enrique GuzmanLuis Enrique’s father, accused his ex-daughter-in-law of hiding the little one so as not to have contact with him.

“Contrary to what Mr. Guzmán states, I must state that he He has not shown any interest in contacting his grandsonwhen he knows where to contact me and where to look for me for that purpose, ”Mayela responded in a letter on letterhead.