Mayrín Villanueva and Lalo Santamarina will live a story in ‘We are Christmas’

A small apartment located on the third floor of an old building in the Del Valle neighborhood was the first location in which Eduardo Santamarina and Mayrín Villanueva they recorded the first scenes of Somos Navidad, a story full of hope, magic, joy, peace and music to celebrate the most beautiful party of the year. There, in a space of 70 m², under a cold November morning, the production of this gift for the whole family began that the public will be able to enjoy on December 18 at 9 pm for the stars.

The technical team gave instructions to Santamarina while he joked with his wife, because here they will also be a couple and that allows them to work more at ease. “You have to tell her how beautiful she is,” warns the actor, who in the photo session did not stop kissing his wife: the star of If we are left.

Photo: Octavio Lazcano

For the villain of La desalmada, this type of content “is a good excuse to unite with our loved ones, because Christmas should be that, unlike other dates that we celebrate throughout the year. This is the time to be with those we love, without egos, without pride, leaving the family estrangements that lead nowhere ”.

MUSICALS WITH GREAT SINGERS This December, says Lalo, represents the reunion of the family after a 2020 in which mourning for the human losses left by the pandemic prevailed. “So you have to reflect and toast to those who came forward; we are privileged to be alive, to be healthy and to hug our children, our partner. I feel that life leaves us many lessons that we do not see, but it is time to learn ”.

He has already lost count of how many Christmas specials or end-of-year campaigns he has recorded for Televisa: “Imagine, this is my home, the place where I grew up, I am from the 89-91 generation of CEA, and there have been many productions in which I have participated to wish the best to the Mexicans through the screen ”.

The actor packed his bags and went to Temascaltepec, a magical town two hours from Mexico City, where the special in which other actors joined, such as Tiaré Scanda, Rafael Inclán, Raquel Garza and the children Pamela, was finished. Vargas, Isabella Vázquez and Santiago Rodríguez.

In the story, Miguel, like many other children, loves Christmas, but this year things will get complicated because his father is accused of a fraud that he did not commit, taking him away from his family. Miguel, together with his mother, his sister, two nice friends and a magical being, will look for how to unmask the true culprit to recover his father and celebrate Christmas. In addition, the audience will enjoy 10 musicals performed by great voices: Paulina Rubio, Carlos Rivera, Christian Nodal, Gloria Trevi, Sebastián Yatra, Mau and Ricky, Banda el Recodo and Chesca.