MediaTek Mobile Latam Congress 2022: this is the future of technology and connectivity in Latin America

MediaTek Mobile Latam Congress Credit: MediaTek

The second edition of the MediaTek Mobile Latam Congressa great virtual event on connectivity and the digital ecosystem of Latin America, for this reason, at Infobae we spoke with Alexander Rojas, Mediatek’s development manager for Colombia and Central America, about all the topics on the agenda scheduled for attendees.

The second edition of the congress, which brings together representatives of organizations and companies in the sector, has as its main theme connectivity and innovation to 5G networks that are already present in several countries of the region, therefore, it will be known how this service is going to be integrated to citizens and to which industries.

According to the Mediatek representative, the purpose of the congress is not to present technological products from the manufacturing companies invited as Xiaomi or Motorolabut “the intention is to discuss how technological development will advance in the region and how these new technologies will be used.”

In addition to the companies dedicated to the development of technology, the event will be attended by officials from national governments such as Mexico and Chile.

4G and 5G.  (photo: ComputerHoy)
4G and 5G. (photo: ComputerHoy)

Alexander Rojas indicated that the dialogue of the event will be aimed at three relevant topics in which technology can be applied as an important tool: smart home, industry and connectivity.

“It will be important for people dedicated to companies and governments because they will talk about interesting advances that they can take to their countries… The talks will be very clear so that people can understand them without having extensive knowledge of technology-related issues,” said the spokesperson to Infobae.

On the other hand, for Alexander Rojas, this meeting aims for the public to understand the importance of 5G and how it can benefit. “The idea is that people who join know where they can see connectivity in the future and how they can take advantage of it in their daily lives.”

A virtual and free event

In the presentations will be Dany Restrepo Rendon, Product Manager Kalley Colombia, Cathy Tseng, Regional Xiaomi Store Operations Lead and Claudio Araya San Martin, Undersecretary of Telecommunications of Chile; in addition to Atila Xavier, CTO of TIM Brazil and Samir Vani, MediaTek Brazil Country Manager, among others.

For the MediaTek representative, one of the most important spokespersons is Richard Winsor, founder and owner of the research company Radio FreeMobile.

“If you wanted to participate in one of his conferences, you would probably have to pay hundreds of dollars, but this time people will be able to listen to it for free, so they know more about technology trends,” he told Infobae.

Due to its international nature, people who register to attend the event through the website may have at their disposal English and Portuguese translators.

Future of connectivity at the MediaTek Mobile Latam Congress Credit: MediaTek
Future of connectivity at the MediaTek Mobile Latam Congress Credit: MediaTek

In addition, those who do not register before the start of the congress, which will be on September 14, will be able to see fragments of the most important things said in each panel on the event’s social networks.

LinkedIn and YouTube will also be platforms where you can see the speakers and their discussions regarding the aforementioned topics.

The second edition of the MediaTek Mobile Latam Congress is next September 14 and can be seen from 8:00 in Mexico, Colombia and Peru; 9:00 in Chile; and 10:00 in Brazil and Argentina. The official page of the event is:


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