Meet Gloria Tr3viño, Gloria Trevi’s niece who seeks to break into music

Gloria Tr3viño is about to release her first album as a singer.


Gloria Trevi He maintains his popularity in the world of music despite his controversies. Her most recent release was the single “Medusa”, managing to accumulate thousands of views on streaming platforms and YouTube; however, Talent stays in the family, and now it is his niece, Gloria Tr3viño, who wants to follow in her aunt’s footsteps.

“I am launching myself as a singer. I have an album and it will be out very soon, this year,” declared Gloria Tr3viño during an interview on the “La mesa caliente” program, broadcast by Telemundo.

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The name of Gloria Tr3viño will surely be on everyone’s lips in a matter of months, and that is why we have some Interesting facts for you to get to know Gloria Trevi’s niece.


  • Is it really Ana Dalay?

Gloria Tr3viño, since she was very little, has been involved in the controversy and the rumors that assure that she is really Ana Dalaythe daughter of Gloria Trevi who died in Brazil when she was a baby.

However, The young woman has made it very clear that it is only rumors, noting that she has always been very close to her aunt, who was imprisoned in Brazil when Gloria Tr3viño was just a child. “I was very young when all this was happening. My parents had to sell their house to pay for the lawyer’s initial expenses, ”she declared in an interview, putting to rest speculation about whether she is Ana Dalay or not.

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  • Wrapped by her family

Gloria Tr3viño is daughter of Luis Enrique Treviño Ruiz, brother of Gloria Trevi, and Diana Eugenia González. The young singer has reiterated on several occasions how grateful she is to her parents for giving her and her sister a happy childhood, despite the scandals that broke out with Gloria Trevi.

  • Passion for music

Like her aunt, Gloria Trevi, Tr3viño is passionate about music; in fact, in her Instagram account she defines herself as “singer, songwriter, actress and musician”. With her first album about to come out of it, the young woman usually uploads videos of her singing some of her songs to the networks, so it is easy to know her proposals.

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  • Gloria Trevi’s double?

In his photos uploaded to Instagram, Gloria Tr3viño sports long wavy hair and brown eyesso there are not a few people who say that the young woman looks like the interpreter of “Pelo loose”, is it?