Meet the 7-year-old youtuber who earned USD $ 28 million during 2021

There was a time when the community of content creators abandoned Youtube more and more determined to dedicate himself entirely to live broadcasting on twitch but Currently, the video hosting platform is in better condition than ever.

Today there are young people who have decided to stay on YouTube with the aim of becoming stars to continue giving the platform millions of visits and surely none has achieved achievements like the Like Nastya’s channel.

Nastya, the 7-year-old girl who generated the most money in 2021

According to Forbes, a magazine specializing in the world of business and finance, nastya (who is actually called Anastasia Radzinskaya), She is the highest paid youtuber of 2021. This is an achievement from whichever side you look at it, but it should be noted that He is only 7 years old.

Despite occupying the sixth place in the ranking of YouTube stars who earned the most money in the last year, she is the only woman in the Top 10.

The report indicates that in 2021, the young Russian youtuber, based in U.S, registered an amount of USD$ 28 million. This allowed it to regain a spot on the Forbes list, as it ranked seventh on the 2020 list. Additionally, their presence is continuous in this category of qualifications, as it ranked third in 2019.

Youtuber Nastya. (photo:

Nastya’s secrets to being the highest paid child star on YouTube

Nastya’s popularity seems endless and she comes with a touching life story. The girl was born with cerebral palsy. and YouTube has become an avenue for their parents to share videos of their treatment and progress with the family.

As of 2018, her publications began to have millions more visits and Like Nastya has become an example to follow with more than 250 million followers on various channels, which includes its content in several languages.

Today the Nastya’s original channel has more than 87.5 million subscribers; while the Spanish version totals 31.6 million.

Nastya's official channel.  (photo: YouTube/Like Nastya)
Nastya’s official channel. (photo: YouTube/Like Nastya)

Nastya’s amazing growth over the years

According to Forbes, Nastya not only enjoys the income generated by her videos with millions of views. In 2021, he sold the rights to his oldest clips to the Spotter company. (but retained control to create new content), in exchange for an advance payment. Additionally, other sources of income include the sale of merchandise and the launch of collections. NFT.

And the case of Like Nastya is attracting attention not only because of the star’s youth, or because today she is the only woman in the Top 10 who earns more money through YouTube; also for unseating what in recent years remains the most lucrative child star: Ryan Kai.

Then it topped the charts 2019 and 2020 with revenues of USD$26 and USD$29.5 million, respectively; while last year it increased by USD$27 million but in seventh place.

It should be noted that Forbes previously calculated the earnings of youtubers each year (June to June). However, as of the 2021 edition, they changed their methodology to analyze only data from one calendar year (January to December).

To date, it is not possible to know how much effect this modification will have on the indicators, but in the particular case of Nastya we see a remarkable growth not only economically, but also in the views that their videos maintain.


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