Meet the brother of Daniel Bisogno, a discreet driver who also works at TVAzteca

Alex Bisogno currently works on the TVAzteca program “Al extremo”.


Daniel Bisogno has become a recognized figure in the entertainment world thanks to his work in “Ventaneando”; however, what many do not know is that he is not the only member of his family who works in television.

That’s how it is: Daniel Bisogno has a brother who is also a driver; However, few people know it because he decided to keep a more discreet profile and, even, the young man used to hide his last name at the beginning of his career so as not to be associated with the star figure of “windowing”.

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By having so many followers and be a public figure It is not uncommon for users of social networks to wonder about aspects of the family and the private life of Daniel Bisogno, so there have been some people who remember that, in effect, the driver has a young brother who also works at TVAzteca.


What is the name of Daniel Bisogno’s brother? In social networks you can find it as Alex Bisogno, although there was a time when it was simply “Alex B”. He is younger than “El muñeco” and also works as a host of programs: he has collaborated in “Come the Joy”, “For everyone”, “Dance if you can” and “Mexican Cooks”. Currently, she works in “Al extremo”.

Although Alex Bisogno has decided to keep a low profile compared to his brother, it is known that he studied Film Direction and, in his early years, he received help from his brother to start working at TVAzteca, since his beginnings were complicated.

Alex Bisogno did have to hide his last name, at least for a while, because instead of helping his family relationship with Daniel, it became a problem due to the scandals that the host of “Ventaneando” has starred in; fortunately, little by little he has managed to make his way in the media and has been working at TVAzteca for several years now.