Megan Fox suffered a miscarriage with Machine Gun Kelly

The famous American actress, Megan Fox, has given us something to talk about, because like the singer Britney Spears in her memoirs ‘The Woman in Me’, Megan is baring everything, with her words and her outfit.

Megan put her soul into her new book, as it has more than 70 poems and debuted at No. 1 on Amazon’s best-seller list in the women’s poetry category on Tuesday.

Fox revealed in her work that she suffered a miscarriage and delved into her struggles with heartbreak and love.
«These poems were written in an attempt to root out the illness that had taken root in me due to my silence.

“I have spent my entire life keeping men’s secrets, my body hurts from carrying the weight of their sins,” she shared in a statement.

Although she does not identify any of her former lovers by name, the actress appears to write about her relationship with her fiancé, American singer Machine Gun Kelly in several articles.

However, passages in the book refer to a “32-year-old narcissist,” the author’s “true love, twin flame,” and a “indulgent rock star” who pretends to have “good” intentions.

Within the work you can find the following poem titled “A beautiful boy is a deadly drug”, referring to the legend “Painfully beautiful boy” that Megan once used to proclaim her love for the rapper MGK through Instagram on August 2020.