Melamine sponge, what you can clean

Scratches on the walls, grease on the stove and grime are just some of the surfaces that you can clean with a melamine sponge.

The way of using the melamine sponge may vary depending on its manufacturer.

Therefore, the first recommendation is to read the instructions.

Stains and scratches on the walls

Naughty kids at home? Calm! You can restore the image of your walls with the help of the melanin sponge.
This product has proven its ability to remove pen scratches, colors, markers, crayons, and other substances on both smooth and textured walls.

Kitchens with stuck grease

You don’t clean your stove very often and the result is a sticky surface that takes a long time to clean.
The melamine sponge can make the job easier, especially the tedious task of cleaning cast iron burners and grates.

Dirty shelves and window frames

Dust and dirt are the order of the day on windowsills or windowsills.

The situation worsens when a periodic cleaning of these surfaces is not done; That’s when the spots of bird droppings, pollen, and dust begin to solidify.

Mirrors and crystals tarnished or with rust

The melamine sponge is ideal for cleaning old mirrors.

These usually host difficult stains, such as rust.

You may have already done everything, vinegar, soap, chlorine, etc. But surely you have not tried this tool.

Dirty or marked skirting boards and skirting boards

Baseboards are often left out during quick cleanups, collecting grease, dust, and food debris. Consequently, they turn yellowish, especially with the passing of time. Baseboards, being at the bottom of the wall, are usually not attractive to clean as it involves bending over.

White rubber of running shoes

Do you want to recover the whiteness of the rubber of your shoes? Easy, give the affected area a pass with the melanin sponge and that’s it; the yellowish and dirty will go away. After carving with the sponge, it is recommended to dry with kitchen paper.

Joints of tiles, ceramics and others

Tile joints tend to accumulate mold, black spots and grease, depending on the area of ​​the house where they are. There are many measures and products to remedy it. However, these sponges will make the task easier in just a few minutes.

Smut or burnt pots and pans

In some kitchens, pots and pans accumulate grease and grime. These, in turn, burn after putting it on the fire. The result? Very bad looking batteries.

Remnants of glues or stickers

Moisten the sponge and rub it over the affected area; in a few minutes the glue will soften. It is ideal for removing labels from glass jars that you want to reuse. Thus, you will prevent dirt and germs from remaining on its surface.

Gold and silver

Are you looking to keep your jewelry in shape? This sponge can help you polish them. Just make sure you dry them really well when you’re done washing them. Rinse with plenty of water and dry with a clean cloth.