Melissa Ocasio releases her first EP “Hello, Imposter”

This first EP by Melissa Ocasio: hello, imposter will be available in its entirety on digital platforms

The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, Melissa Ocasio, who currently resides in Los Angeles, California (USA), released her first EP on March 21: hello, impostor on all digital platforms, this material has 4 songs that she conceptualizes in parallel to the phenomenon psychological “impostor syndrome”, accompanied by a variety of electronic and exploratory sounds that provide a dynamic to the listener, allowing them to connect the story told in the songs.

“I think I had been experiencing impostor syndrome for a long time, but it wasn’t until about five years ago that I found out that it is a disorder that is studied in psychology. That’s when I was finally able to name something that was constantly living.

From day one that I started writing my songs, I doubted my abilities and whether it was really something I should continue doing. I was terribly afraid and honestly fear still appears, but I’ve learned to handle it,” says the singer-songwriter

The four songs included in the EP are: Silla Enfermiza, La Pared, Síndrome de la Impostora and Vuelo; where she captures the feeling of vulnerability, showing a transparent Melissa Ocasio, without filters and without prejudice, where she explores certain aspects of her life, which are closely linked to the path of the artist.

“As an independent artist who self-manages his project, I struggle with not being able to dedicate 100% of my time to what I’m passionate about, since I have to support myself with a full-time job that doesn’t fulfill my purpose in life, nor does it make me happy. I sing that in Sickly Chair.

While with La Pared, I sing to the emotions and feelings that remain stagnant within our being and how that “something” that you have been avoiding is built, until you finally recognize it, face it and realize that you no longer you go more» confirms Melissa Ocasio.

The third song entitled “Impostor’s Syndrome” is the main base of the theme of this EP. Talk about fighting fear, not believing that you are good enough to stay and inhabit the spaces you want to make your dreams come true.

Finally, he closes with “Vuelo”, a song where he sings to other possibilities and other scenarios. It paints a hopeful picture of taking risks and betting on your dreams, of staying and trusting that you will get where you want.

I can say that it is the answer that eliminates or silences the impostor syndrome. Melissa Ocasio is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and independent artist based in the city of Los Angeles.

With a mixture of electronic sounds and rhythms from the Caribbean, Melissa presents an alternative musical proposal, led by the presence of harmonies and percussive accents that stand out within her sound concept.

Melissa became known as a soloist when she released her single “Gabarrate” in 2020, in which she denounces the rise in femicides in her native country, Puerto Rico, and which has become a resistance anthem on the island.

Since then, he has released 3 singles, including the most listened to song on his music platforms, “Pedazos Dormecidos”.