Member of Yahritza and its Essence calls for peace in the face of a storm of criticism from the Mexican public

The Yahiritza y su Esencia group continues to be involved in controversy.

The Yahritza group and its Essence are still in the eye of the storm after having spoken ill of Mexican food, causing them to lose hundreds of thousands of followers in their networks.

A few days ago, we promptly informed you that the original group of Yakima, Wash.but with Mexican roots, she was booed during a concert by the Banda MS when they went up to sing the song they sing together, “Sólo que lo dududes”.

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CommandMember of Yahritza and its Essenceshared a message that has set off alarm bells among his fans, in which he took up an excerpt from the song “Collapse”by the Mexican singer-songwriter kevin kaarlafter the tremendous controversy that continues to be unleashed for having spoken ill of Mexican food and customs.

“God, give me strength, I’m going to give up. God, give me strength, I feel that I have already lost,” said the eldest of the Martínez brothers.

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