Memes and boos against King Carlos III; his brother was also told his truths

After being proclaimed king of the United Kingdom, Carlos III has already faced a couple of uncomfortable moments. One was exposed when he signed his first decree, because his face gave something to talk about when someone did not move an object on the table, and another when he was booed in his first hours on the throne.

When he was proclaimed, boos were heard and several people did not recognize him as their king. A woman even paraded in London with a sign that read: “Abolish the monarchy.” Four people were arrested for the disturbances.

The memes have been in charge of making fun of the new monarch.

Prince Andrew also touched him.

In the middle of the funeral procession for his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, a young man shouted at him from the stands: “Andrés, you are a sick old man.”

It must be remembered that Andrés, brother of King Carlos III, faced an accusation of sexual abuse against Virginia Giuffre, who accused him of having sexually assaulted her three times when she was 17 years old. He denied everything, but later they reached an agreement of which no details were revealed.

Although at the time of Elizabeth II of England, surveys showed that more than 70% of the population supported the monarchy, there are also groups that are in total disagreement with the existence of a king.

They describe as “abhorrent” that in the middle of 2022 there is the figure of a monarch and that a single family has such a degree of political power just for being born there.

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