Memes continue without forgiving Yahir as host of ‘The Academy’

Although many applauded that Yahir accepted the challenge of starting as a driver in ‘The Academy’, others think that the package that other presenters like Alan Tacher fulfilled at the time was too big for him.

5 concerts have already passed and on social networks they insist that there is no progress in their driving style. However, others also think that it has improved.

Do you think they should change it?

Comments on social networks insist:

On Saturday, Erasmo Catarino captured the moment, and Yahir almost remained silent:

There are those who propose that Vanessa Claude take the position of main driver:


Even when he wanted to make a comment on vocal technique, Lola Cortés contradicted him:

They expect Lola to criticize him like she does with the students:

Each of his driving is criticized:

In addition to Yahir, The Academy itself generates comments every weekend: