Memoirs of Prince Harry sells 1.4 million copies in English on the first day

The memory book of prince harryKing’s youngest son Charles III, with shocking revelations on the British monarchy, got off to a flying start with almost million and a half copies sold on the first day in its English version, the publisher reported Thursday.

sales in the United Kingdom, United States and Canadaincluding all formats (physical book, digital, audio) of «Spare» («In the shadow» in Spanish) totaled 1.4 million copies, what according to Penguin Random House are unprecedented for a published trial by this publishing giant.

The publisher did not give figures. upon the other 15 languages in which it was published the bookon sale since Tuesday, four months later of the queen’s death Isabel II and four months before the coronation of Carlos III.

In it, the 38 year old princewho lives in California since 2020makes a very critical portrait of your family members.

Nobody is saved

no one gets out unscathednot even himself, whose marked adolescence for drugs and alcohol recounts in detail. Neither did his father and his brother Williamnor their respective wives.

Introduce your «dear brother and archenemy.” the heir to the throne of 40 years, as a hot-tempered and violent person, who never liked his wife, the former American actress Meghan Markle.

The Buckingham Palace did not make statements about these revelations, but the British press reported, citing anonymous royal sources, that the Windsors are unhappy.

On the ground, the popularity of Prince Harry

Despite the good book sales the prince’s popularity is at rock bottom in the United Kingdomwhere many consider it a spoiled child who wants the benefits of royalty without its drawbacks.

Only 24% of the British have a favorable opinion of Duke of Sussex, according to a new survey by YouGov made after the publication of the memories. He and his wife are now even more unpopular than prince Andrew, the brother of Charles III who was removed from the monarchy after a sex scandal.

Only 21% of the British believe that the main motivation from Enrique to publish this book is to give your version of events as he claims, while 41% consider that it is money.