Mercedes’ message about Lewis Hamilton’s possible future in Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton continues without making statements after the tough defeat in Abu Dhabi (Efe) (Antonin Vincent / POOL /)

The silence of Lewis hamilton it continues to arouse all kinds of speculation. The seven-time world champion did not speak publicly since that Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in which he lost the title on the last lap against the Dutchman Max Verstappen.

While some characters such as Nico Rosberg, Toto Wolff and his own brother Nicolas, among others, gave their opinion on the matter and explained what could happen to the British pilot for 2022, there is still uncertainty about whether that race at Yas Marina could have been the last of his long career in Formula 1.

In this context, now it was the Mercedes team that left an enigmatic message on social media with which he fed the hopes of the fans, who want him to continue to regain the crown in the next championship.

Tweet from Mercedes

“Adversity makes some break; others who break records ”, were the words that the German team shared in their official accounts together with a photo of Lewis Hamilton and that automatically aroused the illusion of the thousands of followers of the Silver Arrow.

Until now the seven-time world champion continues in silence and away from social networks, he even stopped following all the users he had on Instagram. “Lewis is fine, I think he’s doing a kind of social media hiatus and I don’t blame him. Social networks can be a very toxic place, but that’s okay, “said his younger brother. Nic on his channel Twitch.

“I am counting on that he will be back on the grid next year and will fight to regain the champion title that was somehow taken away from him,” he intuited. Nico Rosberg, one of his historical rivals after what happened in the 2016 World Cup, which ended up in his hands.

hamilton was knighted
The last public appearance was to be named Knight of the Crown (AFP) (ANDREW MATTHEWS /)

After the heavy defeat in Abu Dhabi, Lewis Hamilton did not speak again publicly. In fact, the only appearance before the media was when he went with his mother Carmen to Windsor Castle to be named Knight of the Crown by Prince Charles.

In the midst of the rumors about his possible retirement, it must also be remembered that he starred in a resounding absence at the not attend the International Automobile Federation gala (FIA), to which the three best drivers are practically obliged to be present.

That same day was when the CEO of Mercedes, Toto wolff, sowed doubts regarding his future: “As a pilot you will see in your heart that you must continue because you are at the top of your form, but he will have to overcome the pain, since he is a man with strong values ​​”.


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