Mercilessly! Alfredo Adame calls Wendy Guevara: “Old, ugly, fat, inept and amorphous”

Wendy Guevara without makeup or filters

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Alfredo Adame is haunted by scandal, it is not unusual for him to find himself in the top five of the most controversial characters in the country, and this year is no exception, now the actor has gone for the jugular of Wendy Guevara, who, without To properly say his name, he described him as “an amorphous and ugly old man.”

In an exclusive interview with TVyNovelas, Adame speaks openly about this conflict. He also tells us how his health is, denies that he is bankrupt, and assures that he will never have a relationship with his children.

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Wendy Guevara without makeup or filters


Mercilessly! Alfredo Adame calls Wendy Guevara: “Old, ugly, fat, inept and amorphous”



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How did you close 2023 and how do you start 2024?

It was a wonderful year in every sense, there is nothing that causes me a problem or that causes me to regret, I am still the same as always, with high self-esteem and knowing what many people think of me. Something very important that happened to me in 2023 is that I discovered a very large group of young fans who follow me thanks to the “mentadas de ma…”, they love that, and when they see me they even ask for a photo and tell me: ‘Do not stain what you did to this one (famous) or what you answered to the other (famous).

Do you enjoy being in the eye of the hurricane, do you like it?

It’s not that I like it, they put me in the eye of the hurricane, they are situations that have occurred: the lawsuits, the answers and all that stuff leads me to be in the controversy, but don’t think that I’m looking to get involved in those things, because I already have fame; I started on television one day and the next I was the most famous, and I have remained that way for 35 years, always
I am in the top five of the ranking. Six-year terms come and go, a president comes in and in that six-year term the most famous is him, the fashionable athlete, the politician who is thrown in jail, some other character who did something, and Alfredo Adame, without looking for him, simply for being Me, someone looks for me and I answer, like what happened to Laura Bozzo, to Laura Zapata, to the idiot Carlos Trejo, to Rey Grupero… and I end up putting everyone in their place.

In fact, the most recent confrontation was with Wendy Guevara, what happened?

Nothing, he is an ugly, inept and ignorant old man who has no grace, absolutely no talent, who is the product of people who wanted to use him to make money and believed that they were going to deceive thousands of people; They put together a tour with someone who has no training and no skills, abilities or anything, the only thing he is, he is an ugly and amorphous old man.

What happened is that in an interview they asked me what I thought about that, and I told them that I understood that they gave him a tour of 10 events, that he went to a theater or auditorium of four thousand people and 400 arrived, and then he went to another place of 1,500 people and there were 80 tickets sold, a real failure… They thought they were going to fool people with a person who doesn’t know how to do anything except stand there and show his misery and ignorance. You can’t fool people like that, they would have studied DJing or taken singing classes or something.; He won a reality show where he didn’t do anything significant, besides being quite bloody and unpleasant, and then they wanted to take him out as if he were the big star that Mexico expected, and he wasn’t. His case, for example, is very different from Peso Pluma, who came out of nowhere, but suddenly he hit it incredibly hard because he has this talent of making people fall in love with his music, but this ugly fat man was like taking the elephant man on tour. .

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By the way, Wendy Guevara made some very strong statements against you…

Yes, in fact, a few days ago I gave an interview to a person who only wanted to tie knives, and this ugly old man comes out, this pig – because it’s nothing else – saying that I am a bitter old man, pit… boy and a series of insults he said to me.

Do you mean Wendy?

I don’t mention names because then they go and sue you, since they are starving, then they want to make money at my expense, but he said that he did break my neck… and a bunch of stupid things, and I think that That pig doesn’t even have a chance, in three (hits) he goes to the ground, because his only grace is hanging out in clubs doing pure stupidity, without values ​​or principles, without scruples and without anything, and to me, obviously, it doesn’t even suit me. He goes because he’s not up to the task, he’s a poor self-conscious devil… Imagine the kind of life he must have led (…), and I’m not saying names, you said it and I’m talking about a certain person.

Clarify it please, are you homophobic?

No, I am not homophobic, I have absolutely nothing against anyone, I do not recognize sexes or genders or ethnicities or religions or absolutely anything, since I was a child I have recognized human beings; I do not recognize homosexuals, heterosexuals, lesbians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, blacks, whites, yellows… I do not recognize any of that, what matters to me is their way of behaving, their attitude and their conduct.