Merry christmas! Alejandro Speitzer pays everyone’s bill at a restaurant in Culiacán

The Mexican performed a great act of nobility this Christmas.


The actor Alejandro Speitzer surprised the diners of a restaurant in Culiacán, where he is originally from, after pay everyone’s bill. The Mexican decided to give them a little Christmas gift to the people they found in said restaurant.

Alejandro Speitzer28 years old, has achieved great success in his acting career, appearing in productions such as ‘dark desire‘, ‘someone has to die‘, among other.

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Alejandro Speitzer asks to close the restaurant and pays everyone’s bill

The user @sachayluna of the social network (Twitter) shared that supposedly The actor arrived by surprise at the Culiacán restaurant and asked them to close the store, after this, paid the bill for all the diners that were there. Likewise, he says that there was a “condition” that their cell phones were withheld while the actor was at the scene. “You do know that Alejandro Speitzer is in Culiacán, right? Last night we went to dinner at Cuatro Ríos and he arrived and they closed the entire restaurant, they took our cell phones and he paid the bill for all of us who were there,” the post reads.

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An X user claimed that actor Alejandro Speitzer paid everyone’s bill at a restaurant.

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Why did the actor ask to close the restaurant?

It is not known exactly what caused the actor asked to close the restaurantHowever, on social networks they began to speculate the possible reasons. Many claim that he did this because actor was in the company of a mysterious woman who could be your new flirt. Given this, it is said that Alejandro Speitzer That’s why he asked to remove cell phones to stay under the radar.

While others speculate that possibly he just wanted to eat quietly without the harassment of the press. Let us remember that The Mexican is very reserved with his private life and on rare occasions he shares things about his daily life. So far the actor has not come out to give statements.

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