Messi’s message, shoes with historical value and an unparalleled ovation: the pearls of Manu Ginóbili’s great day

Messi and Ginóbili are part of the great history of Argentine sport

Emanuel David Ginobilithe most outstanding Argentine basketball player in history, experienced a recognition reserved for few, given that the player from Bahi entered the NBA Hall of Fame in the United States, which meant a historic day. The 45-year-old legend was honored at the James Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame from the city of Springfieldstate Massachusettsin a ceremony that will remain in the collective memory of their fans.

The award you received Manu (withdrawn in August 2018) was unprecedented, as he became the fourth South American player to receive the award. The three above are Brazilian: oscar schmidt (2013), Maciel ‘Ubiratan’ Pereira (2010) and Hortencia of Fatima Marcari (2005), for the WNBA (the Association that encompasses women’s basketball in the USA).

Two of its perfect slopes in the San Antonio Spurs (in which he reviewed and stood out throughout its 16 seasons) were the ones who accompanied him during the ceremony. Tim Duncan was the presenter and the French Tony Parker He served as a kind of assistant, as happened in the game rectangle during most of the meetings shared by the so-called Big Three.

Ginobili He was accompanied by his wife, Marianela, and his sons. And for the occasion she visited herself with a special slippers who remember his glory with dates that are etched in fire throughout his career.

Manuel's slippers
Manu’s shoes caused a furor on social networks

Also, Leo Messicrack of the Argentine soccer team that will play the next World Cup Qatar 2022 with 35 years, stated his “pride” for the distinction received by the Bahiense. Through his different social networks, the footballer from Rosario expressed himself and said: “It makes me very proud to hear a journalist say that ‘Manu’ (Ginóbili) is the Messi of basketball”.

In fact they should say that I am the ‘Manu’ of football” the forward of the paris st germain Frenchman, who had a great performance in the victory by the minimum difference over the Brestin a duel corresponding to League 1.

It should be noted that other five basketball players and technical directors inscribed their names in the Hall of Fame, but there was never a widespread ovation like the one that took place last night when the name of Emmanuel Ginobili. In addition to Manu, Fabrizio Oberto (partner of the Bahiense in the San Antonio Spurs champion in 2007), Oscar Furlong Y Ricardo Gonzalez (world champions with the Argentine team in 1950) plus the coaches jorge canavesi (leading the Argentine team that established itself at Luna Park more than 70 years ago) and Ruben Magnano (DT of the gold medal winning team at the 2004 Athens Olympics).


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