Meta adds privacy for Messenger on Facebook

Meta adds end-to-end encryption feature to Facebook Messenger. (Goal)

A new update of systems facebook messenger include a new security function such as the end-to-end encryption for all the conversations inside the platform. The application of Goal will have the same security feature that is already applied in other services of Messenger service What WhatsApp.

This new way of security Y privacy in the chat not only involves the text messagesbut other types of content such as Photos, Audio Y video against infiltrations or attacks by cybercriminals for whom it will be more difficult to access the content of the conversations By other means.

Messenger secured this chat with encrypted end to end. More of your chats will be automatically improved in the coming months” is the message received by the people reached by the update and that they can benefit from the security that this new version of the SMS application promises. Goal. In the case of WhatsApplike this update, conversations turn this feature on automatically while in instagram people must activate it for each chat.

Meta adds end-to-end encryption feature to Facebook Messenger.  (Goal)
Meta adds end-to-end encryption feature to Facebook Messenger. (Goal)

According to Goalend-to-end encryption is a function that is already enabled for public access, although not all users of the platform have been able to access it. This is because the new feature of Messenger will apply to users gradually and progressively, but it will definitely reach the accounts of all users of the platform in the shortest possible time in the coming months.

On the other hand, the company run by mark zuckerberg He also ensured that the people who benefited from this process by having access before the rest of the users were chosen randomly and not due to compatibility issues of the device either operating system.

More features for Messenger conversations

Within the update end-to-end encryption You will find a new selection of color themes for each conversation including new versions of wallpapers screen for each chat individually. In addition, the possibility of selecting any emoji from the full list to add it as a new reaction to messages sent.

Facebook Messenger logo.  (photo:
Facebook Messenger added the ability to select any emoji from the full list to add it as a new reaction to sent messages. (photo:

On the other hand, within the encrypted conversations added the possibility of generating previews of the links that are sent by these secure conversations, so that people will be able to know what type of contents wait when entering these links.

The encrypted conversations They will also have a connection status indicator active by default within the platform so that contacts and anyone with whom you have established a connection conversation know when the user is available to start a new dialogue inside of platform.

This function can also be customized so that users choose who they want to show their status to. activity or if they don’t want to make it public at all like on other platforms Goallike in WhatsApp or in instagram.

Also, as in the previous version of facebook messengerchat bubbles will also be a feature of this new update with privacy Y security increased, so people can still have a faster way to answer messages without the need to enter the application mobile.

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