Meta changes the avatars with new designs, this is the result

Meta avatars. (photo: Meta Connect 2022)

Goal has taken advantage of the official launch of its new viewer virtual realitythe quest-proto announce several updates to your avatars for him metaverse.

The main one is that now, they have legs. It may not seem like much but Zuckerberg ensures that it has been one of the most requested features by developers.

With this simple change, Meta follows the path that Nintendo he already took in his day by giving legs to his avatars of Wii Sports, which in its first version were also suspicious floating torsos. After a year of hard life without lower extremities, the avatars of Horizon Worlds they can finally jump for joy.

Meta already puts legs on her avatars

How tricky the Metaverse is can be seen in the details, like the fact that the avatars didn’t have legs, which was fixed yesterday. The company has said that “legs have been one of the most requested features on our roadmap, and have been a major area of ​​our focus.”

updated avatars will initially be available in Horizon Worlds before Meta opens them up to other developers.

It’s important to remember that Meta’s goal with its metaverse is to create an open ecosystem, so its software development kit (SDK) allows the use of avatars in third-party virtual reality experiences and other applications, hence the inclusion of the legs begins with Horizon Worlds, which is developed in the company’s facilities.

In fact, Meta plans to make the SDK compatible with Unreal Engine 5 VR and iOS Y Android through the engine Unity. It also hopes to allow the “natural expressions” of the Meta Quest Pro glasses to reproduce the wearer’s facial expressions in the avatar.

Meta avatars.  (photo: Meta Connect 2022)
Meta avatars. (photo: Meta Connect 2022)

Meta’s plans for his avatars

Meta would like to introduce a feature that makes it easy to create an avatar from a selfie taken with a smartphone camera. mobile phone. Obviously, the user has the right to change the original avatar after the image is processed, and alternatively, they could still start from scratch to create one that does not look like the user.

Another planned feature is the ability to create and share a Meta avatar on WhatsAppand also the ability to be in Instagram Y FacebookMessenger.

Meta avatars.  (photo: Meta Connect 2022)
Meta avatars. (photo: Meta Connect 2022)

As you can see, Meta is trying to add value to its metaverse, but it’s obvious that invention is moving in a somewhat uncertain direction at the moment, putting its future in doubt. To be successful, they need to improve things a lot in addition to lowering prices.

On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg’s company finds itself in the situation of virtual reality in the consumer market, which has become an “eternal promise” in the sport.

Yes, virtual reality has its users and there are even ambitious projects of community origin around this, but the reality is that, after many years, it has not ceased to be a niche sector and it is not envisaged that this will change in The near future.

How to create an avatar on Instagram

1. Open Instagram.

2. Select the section of the profile.

3. Tap on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right.

4. Press on Setting.

5. Select Bill.

6. Finally tap on avatars.

Avatars on Instagram.  (photo: All Digital)
Avatars on Instagram. (photo: All Digital)


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