Meta will charge almost 250 pesos per month to use Instagram and Facebook

Meta has announced that it will offer an ad-free subscription plan on Instagram and Facebook in November and will apply to iOS and Android users.

The company seeks to align with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is a set of rules related to the protection of users regarding the processing of their personal data and free circulation. of this data in the European Union (EU).

The same occurs with the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will come into force in March of next year and which pursues the objective of protecting user privacy and promoting fair competition and transparency. in the market.

In this framework, as was learned at the beginning of this month of October, Meta was already planning to implement a new subscription system with which users would pay to access its services without ads or personalized advertising content.

Now, in order to definitively adapt to the new regulations approved by the EU and offer users a version of its platforms without advertising, the company led by Mark Zukerberg has announced an ad-free subscription for Instagram and Facebook.

As the company has detailed in a statement on its blog, this advertising-free subscription will be available in the month of November and will have a price of 150 pesos (9.99 euros) per month for the version of social networks on the web, as well as about 247 pesos (12.99 euros) per month on iOS and Android.

However, as an alternative, users can continue using their Instagram and Facebook accounts for free, but with ads appearing in their feeds “that are relevant to them.”