Mexican goes to Qatar 2022 and ends up in debt with more than 100 thousand pesos

A young Mexican revealed on TikTok that he got into debt to attend the Qatar 2022 World Cup and see Mexico lose.

The Mexican influencer known as Ángel Soyyo revealed on his TikTok account that he had to borrow more than 100,000 pesos to go to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, after a brand that had offered to sponsor the trip looked bad on him.

In the video, the man recounted: “a brand contacted me and told me: ‘we’ve seen what you do with football content, we want to sponsor influencers to go to the World Cup, but they need to have their ticket, that is, we don’t buy the ticket'”, so he said that with his savings he bought the flight that cost him $30,000 pesos.

The influencer commented that the company, called Bitget and which is focused on the exchange of cryptocurrencies, offered him a good amount of money: “that’s what the brand tells me: ‘hey, we’re going to give you $3,500 dollars’, which is about $70,000 pesos, ‘so that you spend them there on whatever you want and have the trip’.

In addition, he explained that everything was very formal, so he did not suspect that it was a scam: “for those who say: ‘what a güey, you believed it’, no, in fact, they had already sent me the contract and we had already arranged everything over $3,500 dollars. Once we signed, they asked me to open an account because it was a cryptocurrency exchange.”

Ángel Soyyo said that time passed and the deposit did not arrive, so he decided to request a bank loan for $100,000 pesos, because he planned to pay it as soon as the company paid him, but since that did not happen, he commented: “I am more in debt than the people with Elektra”.

The situation worsened with the fall in the price of bitcoin, so he assumed that they would never give him the sponsorship, even so he commented that he was “rogon” but Bitget no longer answered him.

Finally he commented: “Now I have a huge debt of $100,000 pesos, I don’t know what to say, but going back to Mexico to see how I pay it off, even so, the experience of a World Cup will never take away from me.”

Finally, on November 30, he shared a video from the stands of the Lusail Stadium in which he is sad because the Mexican team did not make it past the group stage, he also wrote: “After borrowing $100,000 pesos to come to Qatar and see the team not qualify for the round of 16”.

After publishing the clip, the influencer received various messages of support: “You will soon pay the debt, the memories of the World Cup are forever”, “I’m glad you went to the World Cup, an unforgettable experience”, “but I danced who takes it from you”, “tell a sheikh to pay your debt, it’s like pulling a hair from a cat”.